VeaSna Pka Krodas END 35

Kdey Srolanh 100 Thgai

I gave this drama an eight because of its intriguing plot, even if it disappointed me in the end. The narrative centers on an extremely protective elder sister who fell in love with her adoptive younger sister, leading to a gap in their sibling ties.

I always prefer seeing strong, independent female characters, like the four women in this drama. However, when their flaws were exposed, none of them was always completely fearless. The two male performers in this scene, a youthful, unmarried man and an experienced married man, both played shrewd roles in shielding the female protagonist from her older sister.

Up until the most intense encounters in episodes 11 and 12, everything was going smoothly. It was overdone, with much too many lines from the older sister defending her wicked deeds, which were caused by her traumatic encounters with males. It fell short of the level of dramatic art when the audience is meant to have the same level of emotional investment as the character. Then there were some ludicrous situations where the older sister was surrounded by people and no one ever saw her stuff a piece of broken glass in her pocket. Moreover, how would the ex-husband have known that the escape automobile had been used to pursue her ex-wife when he was in the hospital during the caught scene?

It made me feel horrible for this show since the badly performed key sequences shattered the tension.

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