Besdoung Kork Kdav 32END

A “Warm and Cozy” drama should, in theory, remain that way. But this soon turned into a dull play with no real purpose. Take me not wrong. The romantic chemistry, mood, location, and leads are all excellent. Depending on your definition of entertainment, it has merits and won’t let you down. This drama is perfect for anyone seeking lighthearted humor, unexpected cuteness, and visual stimulation. If not, turn away.

The closest comparison for this drama is Full House. Sometimes their likeness was unsettling. Both dramas have a couple that fights, sweetness, an amazing opening theme song, and a lot of repetition. It’s essentially the classic will-they-wont-they back and forth. The problem is that you already know the solution, so if you’re impatient or don’t have much time, you might want to give up.

I wish the beginning of this drama could have been preserved. a little strange, but appealing and novel. Come on, it’s situated in JEJU frickkin island, so I won’t say the freshness perished or something. The primary couple is quite calming to look at, and the cinematography was amazing. At moments, I truly liked the classic Kdrama style it adopted, but other times, I wanted to rip my hair out.

I lacked the resolve to give it a rating lower than an 8 or the heart to give it a higher one. In the drama, the second leads are appalling. Up until their relationship ran out, Hyung and the woman with the diver was the funniest couple.

I want to draw attention to the drama’s meager attempt to persuade viewers—including those from other countries—to consider relocating to Jeju. I thought it was great that they had tiny initiatives to help people get used to the way of life there. Additionally, they displayed the genuinely pleasant relationships amongst the residents. The mayor was regarded by everyone as a darling, and his bicycle-riding style was really charming. ~3

Baek Geon Woo was a jerk occasionally and a cute most of the time. Although I wish Lee Jung Joo might occasionally be a little tougher, she was far too sensitive. In summary, a traditional Kdrama heroine. Consider how similar the characters are at times to those in Full House. I’m not sure whether that was the only feeling I had, but it was mine.

In any case, despite my many criticisms of the drama, I was unable to give it a worse rating. As Dramabeans points out, if I had to compare my enjoyment to its merit, I’d give it an 8 instead of a 6. That is all. You can now make your own decision about whether or not to view it.

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