Sobin Senh Niteaka Rodov END49

Sobin Senh Niteaka Rodov

Ji Man is a Haifang-born young lady. She is upbeat and has a sharp business sense. She is injured in an unexpected accident while on her way to Beijing to follow her goals. She discovers she has lost her memories when she wakes up. She is also currently residing in a strong dynasty’s palace for unknown reasons.

Even worse, she learns that everyone in this palace seems to mistake her for someone else—a wicked, cunning, and renegade lady! She also learns that Ning Yu Xuan, the cold-blooded, aloof, and impulsive dynasty master, is the man she is purportedly destined to marry. Ji Man decides to go, but she still has a great desire to start her own company. Regaining her “freedom” won’t be simple though. Could Ning Yu Xuan’s cold heart be warmed by her special charms? And when everyone discovers the truth about her true identity, what will happen?

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