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The celestial order has seen a division, wherein Panshi fortuitously underwent a transformation into a malevolent being, thereafter establishing a close companionship with Canary. As a creature, they have faced significant levels of apathy and discrimination throughout their existence. The individual possesses aspirations of assuming the role of a heroic figure, however finds themselves lacking in meaningful pursuits. Having endured numerous challenges, he eventually venerates the ancestor Jiekong of Yaoguang Cave as his mentor, and he is further privileged to receive the care and guidance of his devoted student, Fengling.
Panshi diligently engaged in rigorous practice throughout both day and night, so establishing a close bond with the isolated and desolate Yang Lan, and collaboratively constructing Mount Qilai. The Heavenly Soldiers, under the leadership of Marshal Beichen, successfully expelled all the monstrous entities. In response, the demon realm initiated a resistance. However, it is important to note that these events were covertly orchestrated by the Supreme Lord Wuji subsequent to the invasion of the Hongmeng Heart Demon.
Panshi assumed a prominent role in the fierce conflict that unfolded between the realm of demons and the celestial domain, emerging as a valiant figure dedicated to safeguarding vulnerable creatures within the monster community. Currently, the objective of Holy Lord Wuji to destabilize the Three Realms is on the verge of realization. With the objective of reinstating the celestial order and safeguarding the welfare of the populace, Panshi promptly proceeds towards the Stone of Heaven, displaying unwavering determination in his endeavor to dismantle the nefarious plot orchestrated by the Holy Lord of Wuji.

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