Kanh Chok Tep Pi Phop EP20

It is worth giving it a try and judging for ourselves.

There are many opinions about this drama, you may like it or you may be disappointed.
But I would like to mention the positive things that I liked and enjoyed the drama.

Mainly Su Mo , I really loved him , it was my first time watching Li Yifeng acting , and I must say he did great , his interpretation of Su Mo will be treasured in my heart , his gestures and expressions (although many say otherwise) his expressive eyes , the way Li Yifeng personified Su Mo I loved him.
Su Mo was simply the best character in the drama I had already mentioned it before , and is that he was a loyal protagonist , nothing toxic , dedicated , caring , he was a beautiful character , his way of expressing and showing his love to Bai Ying giving everything for her. Makes me want to have a Su Mo in my life .
Su Mo deserved the best , he deserved to be rewarded at the end (that’s why I can’t get over that ending for him , it’s unfair) definitely my favorite character , I would spend hours talking about him and the qualities I find in his character.

Chen Yu Qi although many did not like her performance , personally I liked her , Bai Ying was a character who could never express what she really wanted , she always lived with the guilt of what happened to her people , and lived only thinking about how to reward what happened , even refusing the love of Su Mo , for me it was easy to get attached to her and understand her. She was not silly or innocent , nor annoying like other protagonists , for me she was a good protagonist .
I wish Chen Yu Qi and Li Yifeng had a chance to act together again in the future, I wouldn’t miss it.

Bai Ying and Su Mo as a leading couple , I unlike many , I saw their chemistry , I liked how they looked together , the way they understood and supported each other , how they cared for each other , their love was much more mature that it was not necessary to have a thousand scenes together expressing their love , just a look a gesture , being next to each other , that was worth much more for them .

Na Sheng and Yan Xi our adorable secondary couple, they gave us tender and cute moments in the middle of so much suffering, I loved them and I would like them to have the opportunity to work together again (a third drama together would not be bad, they are adorable).

The ost , definitely one of my favorites so far this year, their songs are beautiful and every time they were in the drama along with Bai Ying and Su Mo’s scenes made my heart tingle.

Bai Ying and Su Mo + OST= Perfect

I also have to mention Zheng Yecheng , I loved it , I suffered with him for his unrequited love , although sometimes I despaired that he chased Bai Ying so much , he must have understood that her heart already had an owner. Hopefully Zheng Yecheng will get the chance to work with Chen Yu Qi again and now they will love him back.

I seriously enjoyed the drama a lot, it’s not all bad, just because the ending disappointed me, doesn’t mean that before I knew how it ended I didn’t enjoy the 43 chapters.
It may not be the best drama in the world, but it’s not the worst either, there are worse dramas than this one in my opinion.
Because I repeat that the ending may not have been totally to my liking, not because of that , I can omit the good things and how much I enjoyed it , for me it is not a waste of time.

I would definitely watch it again in the future.

Lastly I would like to thank everyone who was part of this drama , the actors , makeup artists , etc etc , even the director and screenwriters that even though I hate them (joke) for giving us that ending , they definitely did a great job.

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