Char Neary Krem Kr Hom EP 43

If you enjoy passionate, mature, and intense romance, this movie isn’t for you. It’s kind of charming and nice, and the romance isn’t that intense through the turmoil.
-lighthearted humor
The comedic segment is flawless, neither excessive nor insufficient, and expertly performed. “Punchlines” are excellent!
-light action and research, yet the last several episodes have seen a significant increase in intensity.
I felt that this drama wasn’t for fans of action and detective stories because the case didn’t appear all that hard. In the midst of the fight, they also insert various laughs, which gave me the impression that it was a comedy and not to be taken too seriously. Prakarn is already that nasty, in my opinion. Actually, there are many, many more issues at hand, which is why I was out of breath throughout the most recent episodes. So, this is something that action and investigation fans can try.

Things I’m not happy with: -Since romance is my favorite genre, it doesn’t quite live up to my expectations. They don’t give me the deeper emotion I require in each character—I don’t really need a “mature&passionate” one. In places where it could have been romantic, they even insert comedy (I still laughed and found it enjoyable, though). It’s not about the performers (who already performed a fantastic job); rather, it’s about the team, who fails to bring the relationship to life sufficiently. Sadly, Tee continues to make jokes about Lee even after other ML have previously spoken to FL seriously:(I did, however, love Tee&Lee’s tender moments in the early episodes.

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