Somraek Yute Thor EP08

Somraek Yute Thor
I do not like leaving reviews after the 1st episode but I feel i have to explain why you should be watching this!
i had low expectations on this drama and i have been surprised by how good this is!

the first thing i have personally noticed is how the music plays a great role on this drama and accompany each and every type of moment accordingly: you will have some action, some fairy tale, some comedy, some silliness, some seriousness… each moment is differently highlighted by the perfect sound!

furtherly, the camera moves around the set, sometimes in circle.. and it really takes you to a 360 vision of the surrounding, fantastic!

there is a very high and good sense of aesthetic, the chiaro-scuro from the lightening is just perfect!

then.. i am not particularly into the ML but.. wow.. he is super good! his expressions, he is mischievous, playful, and his smiles.. are not just silly ones.. it seems obvious already he has a final goal for what he does .. and it is more complicated than what it seems at the beginning.

also, they use black and white for flashbacks from the past.. and i just love it!

the narration is clear so far, you understand why things are the way they are, things are very well explained to you; the plot, after just one episode, is already disclosing for something deeper, more painful that what you might gather from the first 20 minutes of the drama!

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