Akthireach Kmean Balang EP81

A game of chess that is masterfully crafted

Admittingly, grasping this drama could be a tad bit difficult to achieve. It is like hanging on a fast train. Multiple characters will be thrown and their role on the show will perplex the viewers at first. Should they be trusted or not? Who are the villains? Who is the third person? The rebellion that happened in the past – which obviously is the driving force for the motivation of most characters — will not be explained in detail and therefore adds more confusion to the viewers. PNNDrama, because once you get your footing of everyone and everything, you are in for a good ride. Now you are welcomed to a rather fun (PNNDrama) game of chess.

This drama is full of characters that have so much depth. From the main to supporting leads, you will gain a better understanding of the reason for their actions. Redundant or useless characters are nonexistent. Everyone will be used as a pawn and will contribute to the game. Every move will put your brain on a gutter, trying to figure out what their next step would be. This brings us to what I love most about this show – unpredictability. The plan of the other would create a ripple effect and would, at most times, ruin the initial plan of the other. One decision or action could elevate to a bigger event which makes it even more interesting.

Even though the romance is not the focus, the tandem of the main leads is commendable. No skinship is even necessary, their joint venture to team up and knock down the eunuch faction is more than enough. Their utmost trust between each other throughout the drama did not falter. The loyalty that Ruo Yu have towards Qi Yan is admirable. No annoying misunderstandings are present as even though the male lead has continuously pushed the female lead away multiple times, she stood by her purpose – and that is to protect the emperor no matter what it takes. I love how both leads are smart and attempts not to bring their emotions to spoil their plans. The drama did a good job with displaying how much the emperor cares about his love, and yet he does not treat her as someone who is always in constant need of his protection. He trusts her by letting her go and have full confidence that she will get the job done. The female lead may be naïve at times, but she is strong and is someone that the emperor could greatly confide into.

The acting is brilliant and the heartbreaking scenes are beautifully captured. In fact, this is the first drama of Yu Xi that I have been truly impressed by her performance. Cheng Yi’s acting is already a given, and he indeed shined the brightest here. But flowers should also be given to other supporting casts (Yu Xi, Xuan Lu, etc.) whose crying scenes have broke my heart many many times.

Overall, this is one of the best palace dramas I’ve watched. It is fast paced with all the intriguing movements from every character. It did not drag at all as it kept my interest from beginning until the end. An emotional roller coaster ride that is worth every second. You will cry, smile, empathize, and lastly, gain a deeper understanding of everyone as the story progresses.

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